Our Alumni

BA Animation Graduate Careers

The Animation Course at Westminster began in 2002 with the aim of fostering and developing multidisciplinary transferrable skills, meaning that graduates are able to turn their hand to a very broad range of tasks.

So far, over 350 students have undertaken the course, and many have gone on to careers in a very wide variety of related industries.

Small and Big – Dimitar Petrov and Ines Boneca 2012.  Dimitar is now a layout artist at Cartoon Network.

Needless to say, a large number of our graduates gain employment as freelance animators, covering a very wide range of commissions; here is a cross- section

VFX  Designer
Allyn Lawson (class of 2007) is a visual effects designer at The Mill
Allyn Lawson – IMDB

Richard Van As  (class of 2007) is a visual effects designer at Shadow Machine, Palm Beach, Florida
Richard Van As – Blog

Camera TD (features)
James Porter (class of 2007) has worked on The Hobbit, Prometheus, Avengers and Spiderman

Character Design
Lauren Ellis (class of 2008)
Lauren Ellis – Website

Comics, interactive books and Graphic Novels
Patrick Warren (class of 2008)
Patrick Warren – Website

Alex Macieira (class of 2006)
Planet Ruskin Comics – Website

Euna Kwon (class of 2005)
Euna Kwon – Website

Commercials Director, 3D and Visual Effects
Louis du Mont (class of 2006) Director and co-founder of Formation
Louis du Mont – Website

Compositing, editing and post production
Zoe Matzko (class of 2006)
Zoe Matzko – Website

Stephen O’Connor (class of 2008) Art Director at Brown Bag Films
Stephen O’Connor – Blog

3D artist (features)
Maria-Lola Edun  (class of 2009) has worked on Star Wars and Harry Potter
She now runs a chocolate business
Maria Lola Edun – Website

3D Modelling and Animation for Computer Games
Daniel Cornibert (class of 2005)
Daniel Cornibert – IMDB

Tommaso de Sanctis ( class of 2006 ) combines freelance work with his own film projects
Tommaso de Sanctis – Website

Steven Plunkett (class of 2006)
Plunksville – Blog

Kara Darch (class of  2012)
Kara Darch – Website

Joe Lea (class of 2007)
Joe Lea – Website

Matthew Waruszynski (class of 2010)
Matthew Waruszynski – Website

Martin Sears (class of 2007)
Martin Sears – Website

Windy Van Druten (class of 2009)
Windy Van Druten – Portfolio

Art Director
Cathy Hart (class of 2006)
Cathy Hart – Linkedin

Dafna Sudri (class of 2006)

Fashion Design
John Jarrett (class of 2010)
John Jarrett – Website

Feature Film Director
Amit Gicelter (class of 2005) is a features director
The Hive Pro Studio – Website

Dylan Lategan (class of 2006)
Dylan Lategan – Portfolio

Chintan Barot (class of 2011)
Chintan Barot – Blog

Interactive Graphics
Richard Hawkins (class of 2008) Interactive Graphics designer at the Sunday Times
Richard Hawkins – Website

I-pad games and apps
Stephen O’Connor (class of 2008)

Layout Artist
Dimtar Petrov (class of 2012) now works for Cartoon Network
Dimtar Petrov – Blog

Live Show Graphics
Miguel Domingo-Redondo (class of 2012)
Miguel Domingo-Redondo – YouTube

Music Video Director
Ross McDowell (class of 2005)
Ross McDowell – Website

Post graduate study
Animation Direction at the National Film and Television School:
Yousif Al-Kahlifa ( class of 2009 )
Sleeping with the Fishes – Website

Corinne Ladeinde (class of 2006 )
Corinne Ladeinde – NFTS Student Profile

Gervais Merryweather ( class of 2009 )
Gervais Merryweather – NFTS Student Profile
Gervart – Blog

MA Animation at the Royal College of Art:
Tim Divall (class of 2008) is about to commence his Masters at the RCA
Tim Divall – Interview with an animator

MA Computer Animation at NCCA Bournemouth:
Pedram Eatebarzadeh (class of 2006)
Pedram Eatebarzadeh – Masters Showreel

Masters program in Film & TV production at the School of Cinematic Arts at University of Southern California:
Léopold de Wolf (class of 2012)
Léopold Dewolf – Website