To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the birth of British Cinema, when the Lumiere brothers first demonstrated their Cinematographe at our Regent Street Cinema, students from level 4 of BA Animation conducted an experiment to generate a massive photograph on the field outside the Harrow Campus Halls, using the grass as a photo-sensitive material.

This project is part of an exhibition about the history of cinema to be shown at the Heath Robinson Museum later this year.

How to Make a Zoopraxinoscope
This is one of 10 instructional films made by level 4 students from BA Animation. They accompany the school work-book “Professor Pepper’s Projects” which is due for publication in 2021

Preslava Lyubenova
Dovottya Seemann
Josie Walshe

MAIN TITLES: Art and Design Foundation Students ( level 3)
The Wizard of Menlo Park
This is one of 15 films made by level 5 students from BA Animation. These films create a timeline charting the history of cinematography, from the pinhole to the pixel.
This project ties in with “Professor Pepper’s Projects”, a series of easy-to-make optical contraptions, designed by level 4 animation students. The project is due to be launched in 2021

Paul Tabarcia
Cristian Mesa Torres

NARRATOR: Michael Rosen

TITLES: Mateusz Gidaszewski