Our Course

At Westminster we recognise animation as a sophisticated art form – your work could be part of an online game, a music video, or be projected onto a gallery wall!

Our student output reflects this and we want you to develop your skills in the way that is best for you.  There is such a range of opportunities in the animation world – and until you start making films, you don’t know where your strengths are.  It’s our job to help you find your way – technically and creatively.

Every term you will focus on making one film, and supporting modules will help you develop the key skills for your craft:

Level 4 – The first year is all about experimenting – building up a range of film making skills: drawing, model making, light box animation and digital tools.

Level 5 – In the second year of the course you develop your digital and puppet animation skills further.  You will develop classic narrative skills, be encouraged to experiment, and produce an animated documentary film.

Level 6 – In your final year it all comes together in your final films. We encourage you to enter them into festivals – there are success stories in every year!