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Visionary Live Action Film directors such as Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam and David Lynch started their careers as animators.

Animation is a medium ideally suited to auteur film directors, as there are no practical obstacles between your imagination and the silver screen. For that reason an increasing number of live action film makers are now applying to our animation degree, recognising its potential for boundless individual self expression.

If you have a passion for imaginative film making, in whatever medium, then our course might be of interest.

Our Animation students develop film ideas through visualisations, using storyboards, producing video animatics (filmed storyboards) and video sketches ( demo clips). Animation films are largely edited before they are shot, and so a great deal of creative effort is invested at this pre-production stage. Needless to say, students thereby gain great proficiency with film language, effectively conveying ideas with efficiency and visual flair.

The course has recently introduced “theory of practice” modules which allow students to learn about films, and learn from films. Particular attention is given to the work of Hitchcock, Kubrick, Chaplin, Keaton, Spielberg, etc, alongside (of course) many masters of animation.

First year students learn their film craft through short live-action film-making projects, lighting exercises, sound effects ( foley) sessions, and set and character design exercises.

Another innovation in year 3 is a documentary project, where films emerge from “real-world” research. Our final year graduation film allows students the opportunity to individually produce a major piece of self-directed imaginative film work, commonly entered for festivals and exhibitions.

Students graduate from BA ( Hons) Animation well prepared for a varied and exciting career within the multidisciplinary worlds of film production, working effectively across the spectrum of media. Several recent graduates have now established themselves as major contributors to the live-action film industry;

here are a few links by way of example:

Ross is currently directing music videos:

Amit is now working as a features director:

Leo directs both animation and live action films, and is currently completing his Masters in Film and TV in Los Angeles:

Louis has a particular interest in cinematography:

For further information, please contact Stephen Ryley, Course Director of BA Animation :

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