Animation is a very vocational skill, but we also recognise that it can be a sophisticated art form. Our course supports all forms and formats of production:

  • Staff all have industry experience and a range of creative specialisms – from stop frame animation, to documentaries and graphic novels.
  • Contact time with tutors is a priority, so we keep our class sizes small, and give you the attention that you need to make the most interesting projects possible.
  • We bring the industry into the classroom with live projects and competitions – we know that there is nothing better than seeing your work in the real world.

Stephen Ryley – Course Leader

“The real fun starts when you step outside your comfort zone.” 
Stephen has years of experience as a lecturer – his bootcamps in the first year of your studies are an intense and fun introduction to your career as an artist and filmmaker.

Animation technician – new appointment

We are very fortunate to have a rare animal on our team – a full time, dedicated Animation Technician!

Something needs fixing, connecting, making, or breaking in an interesting way?  – he is here to help you.

Robert Morgan – Stop Motion

Animating a puppet and bringing it to life is quite a magical experience. It’s like being Victor Frankenstein: “It’s ALIVE!”

Robert Morgan is a multi award winning filmmaker. At the tender age of three, he developed a passion for cinema when he saw Fiend Without A Face (1958) – as a result, he became a weird kid obsessed with monsters and the things that hide under rocks.

He recently finished making a new short film, and is now developing various feature length projects.

Ron MacRae – Visual Narrative

“The best animation can make the strange seem familiar, and the familiar appear strange.”

Ron has worked on many classic British animated shorts; like Pleasures of War (Ruth Lingford), Abductees (Paul Vester), and A is for Autism (Tim Webb).  He’s a master of visual narrative, and will encourage you to venture way beyond the obvious in your own films.

Tereza Stehlíková – Research and Documentary

Tereza is an artist working in primarily in moving image. She holds a PhD from the Royal College of Art.

She is currently engaged in a cross-disciplinary research, exploring how moving image can be used to capture and communicate multi-sensory experience and embodied memory.

Julie Innes – Digital Animation

“Our screens rely on animation to bring them life – a career in animation puts you at the creative front of a fast expanding industry.  Films, games, graphics, apps – be a content maker.”

Julie has a background in Fine Arts, and worked for several years in documentary film.  She then worked as a freelancer making animated graphics for broadcast television – BBC and SKY 1.  She has also published academic research papers about virtual worlds: from paper theatres to VR.

She is currently working on her first graphic novel.

Hotessa Laurence – Animation and Drawing

“Animation is the art of the impossible. Imagining absolutely anything, no matter how incredible and making it real.”

A filmmaker and illustrator with more than 18 years experience, Tess was a co-founder and director of ‘Belzebu Films’ before moving her company to ‘Bermuda Shorts’.  She now currently works as a freelance director and illustrator.

Sylvie Bringas – Animated Documentary

‘Animation teaches you patience, self-control and the ability to adapt to a constantly changing situation. It is Kung Fu with a pencil.’

Sylvie has directed and produced many award winning animation films, for Channel Four, S4C, the Arts Council of England and the BBC.  She makes documentary films,teaches animation at universities in Nigeria, and lectures at the Royal College of Art.