What happens?

The interview is really a short tour and a chat – it takes a couple of hours.  Here’s a basic outline of what to expect:

  • We interview people in small groups – this takes the pressure off a bit, and is a great chance to meet your potential future colleagues.
  • When you arrive at the University you will come to the Animation Studios where we will say hello, and give you a small questionnaire to keep you busy.
  • You will then be given a guided tour of our wide ranging facilities, so you can see what we have to offer you.
  • The course leader will explain the structure and ethos of the course – this is a great time for you to ask questions too.
  • You will also have a one to one interview with one of the animation lecturers.  This is when you get to show us your work, and tell us why you want to study animation.  Its a an informal chat – just a chance for us to understand your individual skills and needs.