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Work Experience in Holland!

Last year level 5 student Simran Phull went to the Klik Festival, did a bit of networking, and was inspired to write to a studio called Media Monks for work experience.  Her confidence paid off, and she had an amazing time in their Netherlands studio.
Media Monks is an international creative digital production company. They work a great deal in advertising for global brands, and Hilversum is their creative headquarters. I went to an industry talk at Klik Animation festival 2015 about 3 successful Dutch animators and there I approached the director of animation at the Hilversum studio, Pierre Nelwan, who I told I was looking for an internship (they have a London office); he said instead of going through the website to go directly through himself, giving me his card. Later I called him and ended up flying to the Netherlands.
I took a tour of the studio and learnt the history of the company. I spent the day working in Flash on some web banners to go out during the Rio Olympics. I also partook in a very exciting production meeting where we discussed a project for Intel, where they were making 3D simulations of traditional Chinese stories for people in China. I used this opportunity to ask professional 3D animators questions to overcome some problems I was facing in my 2nd year research project in Maya. I also learnt some great new skills in Flash, which influenced my way of working when I got back home. 
I used this opportunity to gain insight of life in a professional studio. I was a little nervous and very excited. I especially liked the extremely fun atmosphere of the studio and all the different departments: illustrators, concept artists, 2D animators, 3D animators, web designers, games designers, HR, revenue and business. I did not really want to go to the London office as it mainly deals with the business side of the company, while Hilversum is the creative headquarters. I don’t think Pierre remembered me from Klik, though he was impressed that I was willing to take a plane. We keep in touch and I follow the successes of the studio and will be returning to intern for 3 days at the end of the month. I’m very excited.